Tuesday, March 2, 2010

God's Encouragement

How does God encourage? What is The Divine's primary method/vehicle/medium? Of course, we all know that to communicate with the Heavenly, We Pray! But how does God (Jesus, Angels, Great Spirit, Allah, The Light, etc.) communicate with Us?

Here's my thoughts....GOD communicates and is Encouraging-people through People. Hence, God speaks to People though People....

Within my sister site's RELIGION page, I speak about the encouragement of God as applicable to Job Search and Resume Preparation. By and large, our prayers to the Divine offers God an opportunity to use us to speak to others. In turn, we grow and develop into full-fledged mature beings within the Realm of the Spirit.

At the risk of sounding 'Churchy,' it's the hard times...the times when we need Encouragement the most, that we find our voice. Encouraging-People isn't just a weblog or website, Encouraging-People is YOU!
                                                  ~Love, Andre-Valentino