Saturday, December 18, 2010

Everyone has a Story

It's True! Everyone has a story -- to tell --. It's also been said this; Almost everyone has a book within them. I'm not sure about that one, but...

Taking a page out of the Facebook play-book, audience-generated content is the new wave. The Nouveau cuisine --Soup de jour. Amazingly, audiences (views, site-visitors, etc) Love to strut their stuff. Ordinary persons with a secret penchant for literary expose'; having an unbridled passion to write, are submitting articles to numerous publications.

The very rise of Blogging, has produced a new cottage niche industry of it's own. What about me? Well, that speaks for itself. Because here I am, producing content --the Good, Bad, and Ugly. Not even sure if anyone is reading this dribble much less giving a hoot.

What's Your Story? 

Certainly, every human on the planet has experienced a Life event that merits a specialness all of its own. Were you a Soldier? Have you birthed a Child? Shot a Hole-in-One on the golf range. Experienced a Gunshot or stabbing? Been imprisoned? Taken a vow of celibacy? No...Ok, have you ever stayed up for more than 24 hours without sleep.

These references are the seeds of greatness. The fodder of pulitzer proportions. The fruits of fabulousness. The infinitesimal ingredients of pure substance.

Whatever you are, have done, been there, or painfully experienced, YOU have a Story! Yet, you won't speak won't print it. Why? Because You Are a Chicken! Scared out of your blanky-blank. I get it; been there and felt that myself.

Your only hope is to step out of your comfort zone. Research surveys report that the biggest fear among career professionals is that of public speaking. At least writing, shields one from being petrified by standing solo in front of an audience. But still...

Now's Your Chance for an Opportunity to...

I want to GIVE you an opportunity for greatness. Wait! Put away your purse or wallet -- no monies will be exchanged (i.e. you to me). Your opportunity is this.  A Safe, Nurturing, Secure, and Simple mechanism for you to share yourself with the world.

Believe it or not, your being crowned, Best Office Paper Trash Can Basketball Free Throw Champion, is Big, big, big news. It may be funny (or not). Possibly a self-help tool for improving a readers mental learning capacity (yeah, we're still referencing the best paper trash...). 

What a wonderful feeling and thought it is to know that my own writings are viewed by +1,000 unique daily Internet visitors. Moreover, I receive emailed stories from these visitors. They tell me of how my writings how Encouraged them; how my job resume website helped them to compete for a new job. Very Cool!

So I implore you to take advantage of this offering. Of course, I'll edit your submissions. Wanting you to be represented within the best possible light while keeping your intended message intact.  

I look forward to hearing back from you all as well as viewing and publishing your works. Now, without further adieu, here is the link to the Your Story submission web page... Go For It!

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