Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life At Work Pt 3, The Calling

The Calling is Life At Work's focus for Chapter Two. An Internal Indication... a Blissful Sign. These are some of the many terms that Moore uses to describe this esoteric phenomenon. Rather, Chapter Two begins with a story.
Mahud was a simple man who lived in a small village and made his living selling vegetables at a busy market. He was comfortable enough and liked his work. But one day, the Angel-Khabir appeared to him and told him to jump in the river. Without thinking about it, Mahud leaped into the flowing water.
The story progresses along wherein every so often, Khabir makes an appearance to Mahud--telling him to do something. Usually radical; quit this job, go down or up to this or that village, and wait to see what happens. Of course, being a symbolic story of the highest order, Mahud FALLS into a foreign and new vocation. Then another, and get the idea.
In his Late years, Mahud gained a reputation as a Holy Man. Folks came to him from far and wide...seeking answers to their problems, illnesses, and issues. Mahud was humble; he knew as well as communicated that his abilities were only able to manifest due to his unfailing allegiance to following the Angel Khabir. In a single word, Mahud was Obedient. He listened to The Call; he listened via his Open Heart!
I've often found it fascinating how persons enter into various occupations, vocations, and work paths to success (or failure). At first, I believed that we simply FALL into something; then, developing it from there. Now, I'm not so sure.
What I mean it that perhaps through this mystery and wonder, there is an Unseen force. Not suggesting that this is the Hand of God, an Oracle, Angelic Superbeings, or any such conjecture. Simply, could our very vocational path be a part of a Greater Design as is the Galactic Creation of the Universe itself. How's to say that each individual human being isn't of spectacular ordination as is, say War and Peace?
Returning again to Life At Work, Chapter Two...The Calling is an Individualistic urging. "To Each His Own," [Cicero, Roman author, orator, and politician (106 BC -43 BC); source]. Do you, as do I, Ignore The Calling...The Voice? We aren't obedient nor loyal to, The Call. Why Me? we ask when faced with a work life change (voluntary or involuntary).
Moore suggests that we become simpleminded as was Mahud. Follow the Angel's directives. Without hesitation, without resistance, and without mistrust. We go to a new place; the unknown. "But once there, you know it is what you have been looking for all the while." -Moore, Life At Work, pg 26.
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