Sunday, November 14, 2010

Life At Work, Part 6

Loving What You Do, the theme of Life At Work Chapter 10, is a recurring theme in all of our work lives. Let's test the water: "How many of you all LOVE your Work?" No, not the money, power, position, responsibilities, etc...The Work! Do you REALLY Love your work (job--career)?

The very same thoughts and feeling that you're having now, as I asked the question of you (do you...), are those of my own. Perhaps, that is why Life At Work  Chapter 10 resonates with me. Continue down this path with me to engage Thomas Moore's writings and reflections upon this theme.

By now, after almost six installments of analytic review of Life At Work, the reader can see Moore's writing penchant throughout. It's reflected in almost all of his 15 book publications. Life At Work is my first read of Moore's work; yet his book titles will support my contention. Moore writes about The Soul; this is his way, his Dharma, his Tao. The Soul is where Moore eventually gets us to within his many pages.

Whereas Moore explores the Greek/Latin types of love (Eros, Agape, Philia), I've decided to steer away from that topic. The exploration of that course is too far and wide. For the sake of simplicity, let's just say that Love..Is What It Is!

Regarding work: Who do you love...What do you love...How do you love? Love is an emotion (many will disagree; citing that love is first a thought)--a feeling. That feeling (of love that is) is usually a burning desire and/or a pleasurable sensation. Have any of you all ever received a work-related Raise and/or Promotion? How did it feel? Good-to-Great, Right?

That pleasurable feeling (love), felt upon the receipt of the monetary raise-promotion, was time-sensitive. Short-lived; soon it wore off and you were back to where you started or worse. The Old Grindstone, no doubt. Why, because what we were in love with, in the first place was recognition, financial gain, power...The Stuff!

Stuff--in and of itself is OK. But Stuff ain't gonna take you down the long-long-long Yellow Brick Road. And so, we enter again on Life's Work-Highway. Speeding up, only to slow down as we approach Exits. Looking for an exit; looking to get of this Work-Highway that is leading us down a path to ultimate success.

However, that proverbial success is the Work-Highway's success-destination (aka, destination to success). It belongs to the doesn't belong to us. Kinda like 'My Office' doesn't belong to me; it belongs to the Employer to whom I answer to. Are you starting to get this as I finally am?

Real Estate Mogul, Billionaire, and Television Star of The Apprentice is the media epitome of success. Without regard to the inner personal machinations of Mr. Trump, we can suggest that The Donald has led a financially successful life. Viewing his Hit television show, the boardroom scenes show a CEO that carefully analyzes, reviews data, sizes up the Apprentice wannabees, and summarily Fires one or two players. He is Good!

Behind all of this is the probability that Trump LOVES his work. It's been said that we must have a passion for our business...and that our business must be in our passion. I submit that Donald Trump's wealth is an outgrown of his Life At Work, Love for his business! When is the last time that You or I proclaimed, 'I Love What I Do?

What Do I Really Want?

After going back and forth, over the years, I've embarked upon a new career path. Waiting for, The Call, I've braced and prepared myself for the career change. I want it badly; yet the change will occur and when the Divine Creation deems it so. Until then, I wait, and I wait, and I...

A Life At Work,  is for You and I. My multi-part book report is for your benefit. Yet mainly, it is for mine own. My report is therapeutic and releasing. While I wait for, The Call, I'll share my secret career wish with you all via YouTube Video... 

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