Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Starting Over Again

The last couple of weeks have been really busy. I flew out to the US East Coast; rented a Chevy HHR (ugly but rides nice) and drove from Virginia to New Jersey. Went on a Job Interview. What else? Oh yeah, visited my Son and his Girlfriends small kids (adorable).

Now, it's back to the Grind! The Ball and Chain. The Hum-Drum, Ho-Hum, Bum-Bum. Bummer…wait, not so fast.

I'm recharged—that is, I have an excess of fresh ideas, energy, and spirit. Rather than being Bummed, I'm ENERGIZED. Think of the Eveready Bunny…going and going and…

Through my recent travels, I've come to have a new relationship with patience and the practice thereof. You're correct; the title of this article is Starting Over Again—not about patience. But Ahh, the terms are synonymous…one and the same. Stay with me--

Infinite Patience Produces Immediate Results

In my quest for making a career change as well as generating a greater income, I became lost in the accomplishment and arrival of coming to the END. Rather, I totally neglected the amazing experience of the journey. Why don’t I have the New Job?

How come my income is stagnant or a taking dollar dipping (not to be confused with dollar cost averaging—a whole ‘nother animal).

One could say that my words are contrived…an ill attempt to explain away failure or lack of success. Ok…maybe just a little. The Holy Bible speaks of Patience as: Let Patience have her Perfect Work. Another verse in {book of} Galatians say to: Not be Weary of Good Works…for in due time, You will Reap your Reward.

Back to One

I hope you're beginning to see or hear the connection here. Through our perfecting of patience, we learn to wait for it…wait for it…wait for. We've developed not only a Thick Skin toward pain/disappointment/etc. But also, we've lessened our emotional attachment to the outcome. The wonderfulness of it all, is that we then are open. And in a greater position in which to receive a gift or reward, or surprise.

Now the key question that you all are asking is this; How Long must we wait, Andre. Here's the answer: For as Long as It Takes! Winston Churchill once said that We Should Never Quit!

Join with me; let's Start Over; Developing Patience, Long-Suffering, Endurance, and Fortitude.

Back to One…Starting Over Again.

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