Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pass the Salt

My Aunt Clara has died at the age of 97. Long life...3 kids, husband died in her 30s; friends long gone. Kinda sad--I miss her and plan to attend the funeral.

Ok, now the scene is set. Truth is, Aunt Clara was a WHINNER! Nothing was ever right. Much of the family avoided converations with her because she was a downer. Yet, I loved her.

To describe her Being, one would say that she was Salty! Of course, she did not use 'salty language.' A Lady, indeed, no less.

Being Salty is to say that she wasn't sweet. Nope...not a Sweet Old lady. No way--Jose.

Her way was one of extreme pragmaticism. 'What Ya See, is What ya Get!' 24/7...

Reflecting back, her Way was akin to Salt Water. Salt Water taffy--kinda. Or how about Salt's another, 'Salt of the Earth!' Like that--we'll go with that.

Aunt Clara was salty. But salt is a good thing. In ancient times, salt was the main food preservative. Biblically, Jesus remarked that salt should be spewed-out once its lost the saltiness. What is a saltine cracker without salt?

All-in-all, it was Aunt Clara's 'SALTINESS' that I miss most. No fakery nor pretentiousness. Ranchers place blocks of salt in the pasture for their livestock. Failure to Salt the herd results in sickly animals.

Humans need salt in their lives as well. Besides chemical salts, we hunger for psychological, emotional, and spiritual salts. Aunt Clara was my salt. I've got enough sugar all around me...yet, what I really need is a double dose of an Aunt Clara Salt.

R.I.P., Aunt Clara. Love Always ~AVM.

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