Sunday, September 12, 2010

Infolinks "Related Tags" helped me to Dream Like a Billionaire!

Infolinks is a Dream-Maker for Web Publishers! Why, because publishers can now give our visitors great contextual information via in-text ad linking. Have I lost you? Ok, let me put it this way...Infolinks' wizardry helped me to dream like a Billionaire.

Infolinks is the Web Publishing Industry's best revenue share program. They help 1000's of publishers to turn their web-content into money. Their Related Tags widget, upon implementation, increased my week-2-date revenue by Two-Hundred-Twenty-Three PERCENT! No foolin...

But back to my Billionaire-like Dream. Infolinks is all about info-mation, right? Of course, so I drifted off and began to dream about information, information, information. What if I could (I'm in my dream-state now as I speak) gather up all of the information that is contained within all of the volumes and volumes and volumes of books ever published.

My eyes are bloodshot; my feet are blistered from walking from library to library to library in search of information.

My door bells rings; I get up to answer. There's a company representative at my door from Infolinks, Inc. The company heard about my blood thirty quest for billionaire-like knowledge attainment--they must have heard about me in a similar dream as well. The Gentleman said, I'm here to help you to realize your dream (no pun intended). I asked, HOW?

He asked if I had a computer. Do I have a computer? Well, I'm a Web publisher...aren't I? Of course, I do.

Together, we visited a well-known and prominent yet nameless website. The site had Great Content! Moreover, there were relevant contextual keyworded (hyperlink) Infolinks Related Tags. Sure enough, there were two hyperlink tags that caught my eye. One was of course, BILLIONAIRE; the other, was knowledge. My right hand guided the computer mouse over the Related tag keyword link displaying the word, KNOWLEDGE.

Much, much, much to my surprise, an advertisement popped up within a new window. What did it say? It displayed the words and images of the Amazon Kindle with built-in WiFi. Scratching my head, I began to put two and two together.

Infolinks was suggesting, via the site's Related Tags, that I consider investigating and researching the possibility of acquiring a Kindle for my Knowledge quest. After all, The Lone Ranger had Tanto; Green Hornet had Kato. And Little Timmy had Lassie. It made perfect sense that I should have a Kindle.

Next thing I remember, my wife was kicking me. Seems as though I was screaming KINDLE...INFOLINKS...RELATED-TAGS at the top of my lungs during the night while in bed. The screams prevented her from getting a good night's sleep.

As great as Infolinks' Related Tags technology is, coupled with their Easy (Javascript) implementation, she wasn't feel'in it. She gave me two choices: Either I shut up about Infolinks, or find another bed to sleep in.

I say, Who cares...I've got Infolinks' Related Tags technology and a Brand New (Amazon) Kindle. Life doesn't get any better than that!


Nathan M. RIchardson said...

I'm not sure I understand this anymore than you understand poetry... but I like the concept on my web site working for me. How would this apply to

EncouragementGuy! said...

Your words within your page content will flash a conceptual in-text add. Publishers are paid per impression versus.

Poke around my site, to practical application. Also, consider starting up a Blog here on BLOGGER... ~Andre