Sunday, September 12, 2010

Call'in Out Sick!

Sorry! No e-zine mailout for almost 3 weeks. No, wasn't on vacation...I was SICK!

Not sure if I ate some bad salsa; or maybe the salsa cook came to work sick and the germs hibernated in the salsa mix. Nevertheless, The Boy (that would be me) was out for the count.

I'm talking chills, sweats, fever, sleep, and general tiredness. Forget about making money...I'll take HEALTH any day.

Today was the first day that I've felt whole since the first of September (2010). I even wrote a content web page today, as well as a BLOGGER blog post which was about my relationship with Infolinks (that's another story altogether).

Although I was gravely ill, I continued to report daily to my Paying Job. This gave me an idea to write about, "Calling Out Sick!" I have 250 sick hours, but never call out. What about you?

How many of you all out there, that still having a job, call out or dare to use your sick time? Perhaps, and you may disagree, that it is the work ITSELF that makes us sick. Moreover, are there folks that call out yet aren't really sick.

I have a cousin that is sick--C.O.P.D. (breathing issue). She's sick...can't work. But she's in a Catch-22; Why? She doesn't Dare Not report to work. No Sick time, no nothing.

Here's my conclusion. Not sick? Fabulous! Continue to take care of oneself and be grateful to the Divine Universe.

Others...well, I don't have any advice for you. I wish I did. But after being sick for a relatively short period of time. I am So GRATEFUL for being healthy.

Namaste; Peace to You and Yours...

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