Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Squirrel named Turtle

I have a squirrel problem in my backyard. You see, the squirrel is building a nest for her babies. Little squirrelettes...helping herself to the fiberfill padding within the pillow-padding of my patio furniture cushions. Wreaking havoc upon my furniture, pocketbook, and marital relationship. Something HAS to be done. Either the squirrel goes or Go I! The squirrel's name is TURTLE...

Now why in the world would a college-educated, red-blooded American Texan refer to a Squirrel as a Turtle? Much less, to actually name the squirrel, TURTLE. I didn't -- my European wife refers to the squirrel as a 'Turtle.' Hence, a squirrel named TURTLE!

Squirrels are beautiful, harmless, furry little creatures that eat nuts/acorns/berries. Yes? Until they eat up my patio furniture. Yet, I digress. This ezine is about life, career, and work-related stuff. However, I couldn't resist tying in the squirrel story. Because...
How many times have we salivated over a new job, only to learn, that this job -- like any other job -- is simply a pig with lipstick. An ugly duckling fixed up and called a swan. So it is with our desires. Many times, we're in love with the imaginary.

Freud would call this an illusion of grandeur -- Psychologist call this being ego-centric. It's really an exercise in chasing monkeys.
The squirrel is a one viewpoint. Another viewpoint is that the squirrel is a beautiful furry creature that...fill in the blank with your own opinion.

Point is: life, love, prosperity, a new career or job, becomes whatever we want it to be. Guy Finley commented that there are no boring jobs; only boring people. Earl Nightingale said that we become what we think about.

As for me, I see the squirrel as a squirrel. Yet when speaking with my spouse, I see things as she sees things. The Squirrel is a Turtle!

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