Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wouldn't it be Nice If?

Recently, I was listening to a CD book from Ester Hicks. The book, Ask and It is Given, spoke about imagining things working out as we desire. Wouldn’t it be nice if...fill in the blank.

Too often, we--myself included, shut ourselves off to the Wouldn’t It be Nice even before we receive the answer. Good or bad, up or down, we kill our chances even before the powers of the imagination can begin to fulfill our desires.

Case in point: My wife’s sports car needed EXTENSIVE work on the tires and suspension system. Little sports cars are a finely tuned machine...SENSITIVE to any type of bump or wrinkle in the road. Driving her Mazda Miata MX-5 changed from one of a mean-lean sports machine, to a wobbly-shaky-breaky-ride. Instead of a cool riding convertible, the vehicle rode like the Pony Express Stagecoach on the television show, Gunsmoke.

I decide to face the music and bite the bullet. Visiting my Tire Dealer early Saturday morning, I went in ready to do battle. I’m gonna tell HIM how do his job as well as dictate the price. Immediately, he replied, "Your Tires are shot…we ain’t touching your vehicle unless we change out the tires." So much for Wouldn’t It be Nice If!

Ok, I calmed down and got into the reality of the moment. I silently recited, Wouldn’t It be Nice If… Another middle-aged female customer was having the same kind of morning. Yet upon studying her face, body language, as well as demeanor, it was clear that she wasn’t practicing Wouldn’t It be Nice If. She chewed on the sales staff, cursed under her breath, and found issue after issue after issue.

Drawing upon her experience and the reality of having to spend mega money on my wife’s car, I went into a meditative state of mind--Wouldn’t It be Nice If? As we moved forward, the price of repair/replacement approached four figures. To make matters worse, there wasn’t any guarantee that the money hemorrhaging was about to end.

Sure enough, it turned out that my custom chrome rims were bent. My worst fear had come true; $450 USD per pop x 4 =$$$$$$$$. Get the picture?

Wouldn’t It be Nice If the total price was THREE figures; and the rims could be repaired for under $100USD. So I asked--put it out there. The sales rep paused, hesitated, scratched his chin, kicked the dirt, and replied, NO PROBLEM. Whoaa!

My friends, facing an impossible situation, confronting an issue, desiring to have More or LESS of something? Put it out there...Declare it! Wouldn’t It be Nice If…?

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