Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Magic Words are Freedom and Independence

Here we are…celebrating 4th of July American independence and freedom from British rule. Historic, indeed, don’t ya think. America’s freedom and independence from many of the World’s ills amazes me. How about you?

Of course, many of readers of this newsletter aren’t American. Google tells me that many of you are from Asia, Europe, some from Africa, and quite a few from California. Yeah, I know, California is a State. My point is that America, “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave,” is a symbolic beacon of hope for many persons around the world.

Recently, I produced a two minute YouTube video and a PRWeb news release about Free Enterprise. I spoke of how immigrants risk their lives to enter this country. Dangerous oceanic passageways, language barriers, sleeping on the floor, etc., etc. These persons get it…they understand the wealth inherent and organic to the American fabric of life. Please understand, Wealth ain’t jus money (although it includes money), it’s also a spirit. A sense of being…a sense of self-worth.

Speaking of spirit, what about Freedom of Religion. Now that, my friends, is HUGE! Get this; religion ain’t church (although it can be). Religion is one’s personal and/or community belief and worship with a Higher Power. In America, most persons follow a benevolent Judeo-Christian God. Yet that God means many different things to many different people. It’s wonderful to be able to worship Whom and What I Want!

As you celebrate The Fourth, think of this. Many have given much to build this great land of ours. The majority of the world marvels and looks to us as an example of political hope. To quote the Reverend Paul Moore of St Christopher’s Church. “Freedom is a beneficial principle of society. Freedom is not a license, and freedom is not isolation. Freedom is negotiated self-restriction between independent bodies. When I hold back my punch by my own freewill so that it falls short of bloodying your nose, then I have performed the greatest act of freedom. I have freely restricted myself for the sake of community.

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