Sunday, July 25, 2010

50 Years Young Ex-Banker Wants to become a Teacher

My Story is about discovering what's Really Important. Many of us believe it's about chasing money and things--truth is, money's purpose is simply to help us to accomplish our God-given mission and purposes. At age 50, I've cracked the code...that is, knowing The Why of that purpose. Here it is--to Teach and Lead Young People. I want to become a Public School Special Education Teacher!

Having both the alignment as well as purposeful desire is one thing--yet walking it is another. Serious study, certification, and formal instruction are only the prerequisites for become a Teacher. No matter how I've sliced this (Life) loaf of bread, the Dream requires MONEY!

Many of us have No Funds to pursue our dreams and goals...Others, have it but are unable to let go of our monthly monetary commitments. The latter is my case. For you see, in order to become a Teacher, I must give up my way of life (lifestyle) and pursue the teaching professional with a fully focused vengeance. Translation: Give up a full-time (present) career, salary, benefits, and savings to manifest this Life-changing teacher career calling.

With great humility, I have to reach out and unearth financial resources to replace my income but to also pay for the enormous expenses associated with becoming a teacher. Of course, others may deserve the CASH more so than do I...Nevertheless, I ask here and now to be strongly considered as a candidate to receive any or all portions of this contest's prize money. I Will become a Teacher--the question is, will AMERICA-DESERVES-A-RAISE dotcom be a financial contributor to my Career-changing goal realization.

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