Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wanting What We Can’t Have

This week’s newsletter is about Asking. Specifically, asking for what we want. Asking, but not receiving what we want. Followed by wanting what we can’t have.

A wise rich man once said, most people don’t get what they what because they Don’t Know what they want. When we say, I want that yet I don’t receive it, we began to become cynical…often believing that the Universe is either against or out to get us. True or false? Any of you all ever felt that way?

Applying this principle or law directly to our lives, we ask for New Jobs, New Wives or Girlfriends (boyfriend/husband), More Money, New Car, and on and on. Those of us, who are unemployed, ask for employment…if we are sick, we ask for health or a cure. This Asking List is limitless—going on and on and on.

Critical to our receiving, is in fact the asking. Yes, you should ask for what you want. Biblically, it is written, Ask and Ye shall receive. So how come we don’t receive. I have the answer.

Asking conjures up not only thoughts, but also demands. In essence, we DEMAND a response. If my theory is correct, then we aren’t really asking…we are DEMANDING! Let me ask you. If I were to ASK you to do me a favor rather than DEMANDING a request from you, how would you respond? A dollar to donuts says that you would consider the favor asking yet reject the demand request. Why, because no one wants to be pushed around. Neither does the Universe (Universe means whatever you want it to…God, World, People, etc.).

Suggestion—Discover what it is that we want Before asking. I want a new job; Why? Because I want to make money…so I can buy things…so I can feel good…so I can… You see, I don’t really want a job; I Really want to feel good. I’m Single, I want a Husband. No, I really want companionship, closeness, a sense of family—I want to be Loved!

The main thing here is self-discovery. Figuring out The What or The Why. Then, and only then, will we be in a position to ask for what we truly want. Borrowing a lyric from an old Burt Bacharach song (as performed by Dionne Warwick), What the World Needs Now, is LOVE Sweet Love. What is it that you really and truly want?

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