Saturday, June 19, 2010

How Father's Day Gave Me Career Success

Ah...Father's day At Last! Dads, worldwide, get to do whatever they want. No Honey-dues, fix it, nor give-me some (name it). Dad's Day!

My personal career success is a direct outgrown of Father's day. You see, my Father, set an example for me. An example of perfect drive, determination, and healthy ambition. Moms are very important, however, Dads bring a different bag of chips to the party.

While it may be true that many of you all were products of Female-led, single-parent households, Hey, you turned out good...perhaps even better than most. In my case, I had the God-given advantage of a dual-parent, father-led family upbringing.

It goes without saying that Dad and I weren't exactly, "Best Buds," but I now see (at age 50) many of his work ethic traits within me. Moreover, a necessary part of living is earning an income. To accomplish that, we've got to get up out of bed, get dressed, and show up to work somewhere. Self-employed, then you'd Better show up or else your business will flush down the toilet.

Dads teach us 3 things about ourselves: 1) Be Consistent-- Show up to work when we're supposed to. 2) Be Tough--Roll with the punches...when the going gets tough, The Tough get going. 3) Be here--Attend the boring ball games and school plays...encourage our family to strive for excellence.

If you didn't have a Dad, as I did--or if your Dad was "Blanking-Blank-Blank," then we can draw from these life examples as a tool or resource within our lives and careers. Dad wasn't present or was a nasty blank-blank, then use this example as what you should NOT be.

Are you an 'Unemployed Dad?' This unpleasant time in your life is a Teaching Moment. Use your mettle to demonstrate mental and character toughness. Go to the Unemployment office Monday-Friday. Make the employer calls and fax your resumes...accept the inevitable job rejections. Put one foot in front of the other. Show your kids how The Tough (that would be you) overcome any adversity.

Men--Fathers--Dads...this is your day. How will you teach your kids? What will be your legacy? Live the Book of Psalms, "the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in God's sight." For more about My Dad and I, read his online memorial tribute written back in 2008 ( HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

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