Monday, May 24, 2010

How Much is Enough?

Question: How Much is Enough? Over-Achievers...Just how much is enough? We Tweet...We Facebook; heck, some of us even meet with real groups of people from time-to-time (God forbid).

Those of us with children are very busy chaffeuring them around from soccer practice to dance recitals to PTA meetings. Do you attend evening college classes to further your professional career? That means that you work, tend to family issues, and now...go to school at night.

Perhaps you Singles are there spend time engaging in monogamous (or polygamous) dating. But here's my point. We have begun to believe that Not Being Busy is somehow Wrong! Lazy People--UNDERACHIEVERS...That's what Other People Are! Not You and I; We Are The Over-Achievers!

A Wise Man once suggested that I "Learn to Chew My Sandwich." What the hell did that mean? Finally, 35 years later, I've figured it out. Simply, it means that I Need to Chew My Sandwich!

I'm always fixated on My Goals. What's coming down the pipe next? How can I optimize this website or Facebook Fan Page to get more visitors? How can I function on 4 hours of sleep in order to maximize my time resources?

No one on their deathbed ever wished that they'd spent more time at the office. People: It's time we took the time to Slow-It-Down. Doggoneit...we need to take a Siesta; a nap, vacation, or just 'Veg-Out.' I'm an Over-Achiever; ironically, I'm NOT proud of it.

How Much is Enough? I welcome your comments. Hit me back via Comments, Facebook Fan Page or Twitter link. Seriously, I really want to hear from y'all on this topic.

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