Saturday, April 24, 2010

What You See is What You Get

Today, I had the pleasure to speak to a group of 10 Amazing Young People. These individuals had met some difficult life challenges. Yet, 9:00 am, there they were…listening to my speech. I was followed by two other Incredible Speakers in their own right.

A common theme was Encouragement, Positive Thinking, and Deep Faith in God. I was blown away that all three speakers, me included, were on the same page of music. I wasn’t the only one dwelling on this theme. Hey, maybe there’s more to this way of thinking; I thought to myself.

Foundational to any success in work, life, or love, begins and ends with a Positive self-image. This concept has been around for years. Brian Tracy calls it, The Law of Self-Concept. Whatever, ya wanna call it; three speakers were preaching and teaching the exact same message.

What I find most amazing, is that we are not sabotaged by our status, breaks, or background. We are done in by us…the stuff between our two ears. Our thinking hurts our success more than any other phenomenon. Some have referred to this thinking style as Stink in Thinking.

Lastly, I invite all of you, to work on your faith in the power of the intangible…what cannot be realized by touch/taste/smell. Faith believes that something will come into the tangible (realness) even before it happens. This Vision is a Power as manifested by the depth of one’s imagination. Then we pull that faith, mix it with hard work. Finally, we connect and incorporate with the Divine…Our God and Source. Things will begin to happen…truly!

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