Saturday, April 10, 2010

Living The Mission

Corporate American LOVES to talk about Mission, Purpose, Goals, etc. These “Buzz words” are supposed to have real meaning to the employees. Do they really? What about you, those that are currently employed, does the Corporate Mission statement hold any true value for you.

Toying with this idea, I stumbled upon a new catch phrase from Corporate America, LIVING THE MISSION. Not only does Corporate America want us to hear, speak, and adhere to The Mission, now, we have to LIVE THE MISSION!

Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, once said, “Control your Destiny…or Someone else will control it for you.” Easy it is to buy into the Corporate America mission than it is for us to create our own. The real jewels come when Our Mission is in alignment with the Corporate America mission.

Do you have a Mission? We all do…But many do not know what it is. OK, here’s mine: To Uplift Others by Serving and Sharing Encouraging Ideas! Easy, right? Not so fast…

It took me 5 minutes to write my mission statement down; it took 50 years to conceptualize---dream it up. I don’t want to Live Corporate America’s mission. I want to Live My Own Mission. When and if MY mission jells with that of Corporate America, then we have a partnership. Albeit a unilateral one (one-way or the highway).

We will talk about this more as we move forward together. Meanwhile, besides searching and scanning the eResumes4Vips site, Google: Jack Canfield, Stephen Covey, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, or Brian Tracy. They’ve cracked the code.

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