Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pursuing My American Free Enterprise Big Dream

 I am Andre V. Milteer, and I am FREE ENTERPRISE. As a 50 year old Free Enterprise Infopreneur, specializing in career information and web publishing, I Live the American Dream.

Yes, achieving Business Success takes Hard Work. But Oh, living in America sure makes it a lot easier. My Big Dream is having my AMERICAN FREE ENTERPRISE promote me as THE ENCOURAGEMENT GUY; especially targeted to Job Seekers World-Wide.

FREE ENTERPRISE means having the Power and the Freedom to Compete and the Opportunity to Shape Our Own Future. Many Big Dream Immigrants often tell me that the Challenge to become an Entrepreneur in other countries is next to IMPOSSIBLE!

Quote: "People in America have No Idea How Hard it is to achieve Success in other Countries. If you Can't Make it Here, You Can't Make it Anywhere!"

FREE ENTERPRISE is the 7 year old Kool-Aid stand owner; the Government worker that decides to create her own vendor product services firm...on her kitchen table. Or, the Father of 5; hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt...that refuses to quit. They believe in the Power of the American Dream.

Bottom-line: America, thanks to Entrepreneurs like You, You, You, and I, is still the Greatest Country in the World for Business Owners. We are the Lifeblood of the Economy. We are Living the American Dream.

Who are we? Why, We Are FREE ENTERPRISE!

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