Friday, February 26, 2010

What it Means to Be Encouraging

My Personal Mission is to Uplift Others by serving and  Sharing Encouraging Ideas. Sharing Positive Thoughts, Experiences, and Knowledge While Encouraging One Another to be Limitless!  How can we achieve this? By...
  • Encouraging Others to Breakthrough their Roadblocks to Success
  • Delivering Value via World-Class Knowledge, Experience, & Insight
  • Unlocking the Why, What, & How of Serving Others
  • Sharing the Knowledge that We All are FULL of Limitless Potential
  • Serving Others by Encouraging People to Encourage One Another
The word Encourage -verb (used with object), as defined in, means
  1. To inspire with courage, spirit, or confidence: His coach encouraged him throughout the marathon race to keep on running.
  2. To stimulate by assistance, approval, etc.: One of the chief duties of a teacher is to encourage students.

  3. To promote, advance, or foster: Poverty often encourages crime.
    Encourage originated from the word Courage;  within 15th century context, encourage was used to communicate  embolden, hearten, reassure urge support, aid, and help.  Moreover, the very opposite (antonym) of Encourage is Discourage. Without further explanation, our actions toward others would serve to dishearten rather than uplifting one's heart.
When we Encourage Others, we advance the causes of others, boost one another's self-esteem, encourage further accomplishment of community goals and actions, and promote general wellness and positive goodwill. Oh yes, Encouraging Others is a Powerful Battlecry. As we encourage others, we uplift ourselves and further our advancement along the path that the Divine has set forth before us.
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