Sunday, December 26, 2010

After Christmas-Life -- What's Next for the New Year 2011?

Christmas with Family was fabulous! I hope yours was too. Now, as the eggnog goes down and settles into an extra ounce or two around the mid-section, we should be asking 'what's next.'

Me? Oh yeah, I'm looking at the business end of things. Things like how can I produce higher quality content and information to bring visitors to my eResumes4Vips website as well as this blog. How can I make more money? What do I need to do to grown as a human-being?

Over the next 15 calendar days, I (both) invite you all to read and follow my blog article posting. Yet, I Really Want Your Feedback...i.e., comments.

Stay Tuned!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Dangers of Christmas Debt Stress

During the course of my daily email checking, I ran across an except of an article regarding holiday stress. The article was written by Corporate Wellness

It's the season of giving, which can only mean one thing: Next month the Christmas bills will start rolling in. What that may mean for your staff members is worry, distraction, and a drop in productivity as their personal finance.
Today is Wednesday, December 22, 2010. My C-mas shopping is all done. After almost 35 years of this, I probably spent less than ever. yet I feel so Overindulgent    )=;

My Wife, Barbara LOVES C-mas; admittedly, I'm a bit of a Scrooge. Christmas spending reminds me of drinking more than a fair share of champagne at a party, and waking the next day with a hangover or worse...

Tis the Season To Be...

This is the Season to be Frugal and Prudent! Of course, with the US and global economies being what they are, holiday frugality makes good fiscal sense...doesn't it. Yet we're not wired that way. We all want our dessert first. We are Emotional Creatures.

The emotional side of me says, "You can do it, Man. You've worked hard; deserve and live life." "Plus, the Wife is gonna be So Thrilled with or so P.O'd with ______fill in the blank. Madness, I tell ya, Madness.

Ghost of Christmas Pasts

Once, I skipped Christmas -- Nope, didn't even celebrate. Another time, I overspent to the point that it took me until June 1st to pay off the bill. THE FOLLOWING YEAR! Another time, I was serving overseas with the Military (that's a whole 'nother story within itself).

"Jesus is the Reason for The Season," reads the church bulletin. It is well known, that Christmas is a pagan holiday; the early Christians did not celebrate as such...nor of Easter. The commercialism, the pageantry, and the debt stress of spending beyond one's budget (what budget?).

The Cure!

Standby People, for I have the Cure for western societies spending ills...her wanton disregard for fiscal responsibility. The obsession to buy and have @Christmas. Here it is...wait for it, wait for it.

BUY IT, SPEND IT, DO IT, GET IT, and lastly...ENJOY IT! Yeah, that's right -- I said it; you've heard me correctly. Go For It and Just Do It!

You want to; why not? Oh, you thought I was gonna talk you down from the roof. No, Just Jump! (metaphorically-speaking). That's what I did; I took the plunge!

Back in the Summer of 2010, I wrote a Blog post about Asking and Wanting. A wise rich man once said, most people don’t get what they what because they Don’t Know what they want. To excerpt the article, I wrote:

Asking conjures up not only thoughts, but also demands. In essence, we DEMAND a response. If my theory is correct, then we aren’t really asking…we are DEMANDING! Let me ask you. If I were to ASK you to do me a favor rather than DEMANDING a request from you, how would you respond?

Furthermore, I'm suggesting that you go ahead, spend, shop till ya drop, and get all of your (and mine) getting. Best-selling author, personal development guru, and spiritual seeker Guy Finley teaches: Resistance to the resistance IS the Resistance. Another way of saying all of this is to say: After you go all out, you and I can begin to see the CHILDLESSNESS of excessive holiday shopping.

What Would Jesus do?

Don't you hate it when someone states that phrase...I know I do. How in God's name can I begin to fathom the Very divinity of the Christ? Of course, I could just ask him.
Hey Lord, do you think I should buy My Wife that Mink Coat although the Central Texas outdoor temperature yesterday was 82 degrees F.  
The inspired writings of Our Most High God says to take no thought of what we shall eat or wear (read Matthew, Chapter 6). Yet, I'm here on Earth; bombarded by advertising, media, and familial expectation.

Drink the Kool-Aid

What to do? Drink the Kool-Aid with me. Misery Loves Company! Seriously, we can only begin to see through the smoke-screen of happiness-in disguise -- by playing the game. The Christmas (X-Mas) shopping game.

After all is said and done, we will discover -- sooner or later (later means spending more $$$). The ONLY way to Win is Not to Play. I bought presents and plan to enjoy my family. No More; No Less...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Everyone has a Story

It's True! Everyone has a story -- to tell --. It's also been said this; Almost everyone has a book within them. I'm not sure about that one, but...

Taking a page out of the Facebook play-book, audience-generated content is the new wave. The Nouveau cuisine --Soup de jour. Amazingly, audiences (views, site-visitors, etc) Love to strut their stuff. Ordinary persons with a secret penchant for literary expose'; having an unbridled passion to write, are submitting articles to numerous publications.

The very rise of Blogging, has produced a new cottage niche industry of it's own. What about me? Well, that speaks for itself. Because here I am, producing content --the Good, Bad, and Ugly. Not even sure if anyone is reading this dribble much less giving a hoot.

What's Your Story? 

Certainly, every human on the planet has experienced a Life event that merits a specialness all of its own. Were you a Soldier? Have you birthed a Child? Shot a Hole-in-One on the golf range. Experienced a Gunshot or stabbing? Been imprisoned? Taken a vow of celibacy? No...Ok, have you ever stayed up for more than 24 hours without sleep.

These references are the seeds of greatness. The fodder of pulitzer proportions. The fruits of fabulousness. The infinitesimal ingredients of pure substance.

Whatever you are, have done, been there, or painfully experienced, YOU have a Story! Yet, you won't speak won't print it. Why? Because You Are a Chicken! Scared out of your blanky-blank. I get it; been there and felt that myself.

Your only hope is to step out of your comfort zone. Research surveys report that the biggest fear among career professionals is that of public speaking. At least writing, shields one from being petrified by standing solo in front of an audience. But still...

Now's Your Chance for an Opportunity to...

I want to GIVE you an opportunity for greatness. Wait! Put away your purse or wallet -- no monies will be exchanged (i.e. you to me). Your opportunity is this.  A Safe, Nurturing, Secure, and Simple mechanism for you to share yourself with the world.

Believe it or not, your being crowned, Best Office Paper Trash Can Basketball Free Throw Champion, is Big, big, big news. It may be funny (or not). Possibly a self-help tool for improving a readers mental learning capacity (yeah, we're still referencing the best paper trash...). 

What a wonderful feeling and thought it is to know that my own writings are viewed by +1,000 unique daily Internet visitors. Moreover, I receive emailed stories from these visitors. They tell me of how my writings how Encouraged them; how my job resume website helped them to compete for a new job. Very Cool!

So I implore you to take advantage of this offering. Of course, I'll edit your submissions. Wanting you to be represented within the best possible light while keeping your intended message intact.  

I look forward to hearing back from you all as well as viewing and publishing your works. Now, without further adieu, here is the link to the Your Story submission web page... Go For It!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

One Million Ways to Become...

There are a Million ways to become job satisfied...How can I achieve happiness in my career -- especially in my hate-my-job job (I hear you asking)?  Of course, there isn't any template; no magic blue pill. but I'd suggest that the best way to start achieving success (aka happiness) at work is to begin to work on my (your) self-concept.

Brian Tracy, one of the World's most prominent self-development experts, coined the term self-concept as a definition of how we see ourselves. To boil this LAW down to its most basic ingredient, Tracy also refers to self-concept as, I Like Myself. With an almost snake oil trickery, Mr Tracy believes in repeating the phrase, I Like myself, over and over and over and...

Snake oil salesman or not, academic research supports, in layman terms:
Faking it til ya make it
The subconscious cannot tell the real from the imagined. Why? Because Everything is Real -- to the subconscious.

What is True Happiness?

Again, posted within my recent past articles and postings, I've discussed happiness and success. Many of you have read and digested my +5,000 word essay of Life At Work. Yet, the topic deserves much more space and time that any one human being can comprehend within one sitting.

Our thoughts lead to feelings; feelings and emotions lead to actions (or inaction therein). True happiness, therefore, begins and ends with our perspective toward our present stature or Lot in Life. Do You Want Be Happy? Fine, You are Now happy...Be Happy Now!

Alright, lets return full circle to the million strategies for becoming truly happy at work. Disclaimer: I'm not really going to share a million strategies--only 5 or 10. The following 10 tips was written by Eric J. Leech for California Psychics Blog.
  1. Become Approachable
  2. Give honest and sincere appreciation
  3. Don't criticize, condemn, or complain (Dale Carnegie) 
  4. Arouse in the other person an eager want
  5. Become genuinely interested in other people
  6. Smile
  7. Remember a person's name; its the sweetest sound
  8. Be a good listener
  9. Talk in terms of the other persons interest
  10. Make the other person feel it sincerely
All great tips -- you agree? However, those words and tips are meaningless and useless unless applied daily into our everyday life. I sincerely believe that with a grateful heart, a purposeful life at work, and sincere appreciation towards other persons, Happiness then becomes inescapable.

Encouraging you to enjoy your new found career happiness and satisfaction. Please post your thoughts and comments, good -- bad -- or ugly, to this blog post within the comments section.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Young Man Says, "Hire Me!"

My name is Clarence, O.; I am 18 years old. My objective is to become successful in business, my career, life and work. I would love to work for your company.

My attributes include that of being a very honest and trustworthy person. Respect for All Persons is of great importance to me. Besides being a very easy person to get to know and work with, I always have a positive attitude. I am always willing to meet new people.

My work ethic is one of being nice, respectful, and dependable. I am an extremely reliable individual; doing whatever it takes to legally/ethically/morally get the job done.

I am pretty much good with my hands; working in a hands-on environment is a big plus. I attend Midwest Technical Institute pursuing a career as a HVAC/R Technician. Yet my Real Passion is to learn a business from the ground-up; ultimately to become Field Operations Manager. Eventually, the goal is to have my own company.

Bottom-line, businesses within the Greater Peoria Area and surrounding communities, looking for their Next Apprentice to ultimately lead their company, should contact me ASAP. I am not looking for a job; I am searching for a career-minded company in which to contribute and make my mark.

Moving from Success to Significance!
~Sincerely, Clarence, O. (written Nov 2010)

To read, comment, and/or contact Clarence, go to...

Clarence, O. wrote and posted this letter (draft) on the eResumes4Vips website. After 'tweaking' his prose, I quickly discovered that this young man has a burning passion for work. he is a Diamond-in-the-Rough! It is emotionally-amazing to see young people today such as Clarence. I'm Encouraged!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

R U Kidding Me?

R U Kidding Me? Ever said that to yourself? Well, I'm SHOUTING it right myself. Incredible is the phrase that comes to mine.
You see, I've just been hit with an Avalanche of Bank account Overdraft fees. The grand sum could equal a month's pay. Why? I.M.O.D.F. (its my own defeating fault).
Starting a new money system in both my personal and entrepreneurial life, I switched my money around. Moving to a Cash system, I failed to realize that the Old System (automated bill pay) would continue on down the road. The optimum word here is System; don't have to tell Y'all what that means.
This Blog is about Encouraging People, right? Ok, here's some encouragement. Don't make the Same STUPID mistake I made (regarding bank accounts) as did I. Pay attention to The System!
Wanna know what's More Stupid {grammar-error, I know}? NOT Learning from this money mistake. All too often, we ignore, forget, or gloss-over life's misfortunes. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. -George Santayana (Source: Wikiquote)
By the grace of God, I squirreled away a small money stash (Murphy's Law); not that nest egg is empty...what do I do?
Here are my choices:
  1. Fret About It!
  2. Fret About It AND Fret some more...
  3. OR {my fav} Think of Creative and Energetic Action Steps to replace and restore my capital (money)
Moving wannabe projects from the Gonna-Git-Round-To-It into the Do-It-Now, Do-It-Now; I will regain not only my nest egg footing but will SOAR like an Eagle. I'll generate double/Triple/Quadruple...times what are Stupidly-Lost!
Moral of the story is this. Pay Attention, Watch & Learn, and most importantly; Don't Cry in Your Milk! Remain Positive; Be Encouraged...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pick-O-Litter Vacation Book Reading

Vacations are wonderful getaways; it Feeds our Soul. Andre's reading and book review of Thomas Moore's, Life At Work, delivered a refreshing renewal for him while visiting The Lakeway Resort at Lakeway (Austin) Texas during a Toastmasters Conference.

The book deals with a deep and complex theme with a light air of gentleness, provocative-thought, and entertaining vignettes. 5-Star Rating!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life At Work; How to Obtain Soulful Meaning from Work

Thomas Moore, unbeknownst to me, was a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author. One of his works, Care of the Soul, elevated him into National Prominence. That day, in the store, Way Behind several not-so-famous cookbooks, was the GEM that I’m about to tell you about. A Life at Work.

For the last several years, I had embarked upon a personal quest to discover meaning in both my personal as well as professional life. It is said, When the Student is ready, The Teacher will appear! I can attest to that axiom. Thomas Moore’s, A Life at Work, was written especially for me.

The Essence of Life At Work

Reminiscent of its title, Life At Work, the book reflects upon our association and relationship with our jobs, careers, and work. All in all, we spend more than two-thirds of our Adult Life at work. Work is more than a job, a paycheck, or a grind. The reflection of Work itself is Life; and vice-versa.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Life At Work, The Conclusion

How many of you all recall having to deliver a Book Report in front of your entire classroom group of students? What were you all thinking and feeling at that time? Betcha, you can't remember the title of the book or the report...but I know you recall your first or second experience related to that event.

I'm having a similar experience, now, at this moment. Why? Because I want to speak in depth about a Very Powerful Book that has changed my life. Two books have influenced me deeply. One: The Holy Bible; the Second: Life At Work, by Thomas

Olivia Mitchell, Author of Speaking Presentation (Blog), suggests that Speakers can deliver Wide or they can Go Deep--But NEVER along the same time during a single talk. Heeding her advice, I've chosen to go deep.

The Essence of Life At Work

Reminiscent of its title, Life At Work, the book reflects upon our association and relationship with our jobs, careers, and work. All in all, we spend more than two-thirds of our Adult Life at work. Work is more than a job, a paycheck, or a grind. The reflection of Work itself is Life; and vice-versa.

Going back again to Life At Work's essence, the concepts of Spirituality are reflected throughout. Particularly The Human Soul and Spirit. One's Soul, while being connected to the invisibilities of the incarnate universe, is also of Being Grounded. Grounded is literal; The Earth...dirt, rocks, and plants. Ever heard the old saying, "Gardening Grounds Me?"

Then there is Spirit. Y'all have all heard this catch phrase a million times. Everything from, God is I need a pick-me-up to Life my Spirits!. Life At Work suggests that Spirit is Air or Head; Soul is depth, lower, dirt. To fully function as balanced and whole beings in the working world, we need to be both Soul-Grounded and Head-Spirited.

Chaos and Ivory Tower
Show of hands please; Whom has experienced a positive or negative vocational change within their working lives? Maybe you haven' matter, because You Will at some point. Again, show of hands please. How many of you all can relate to this statement: When I lost my job, started my first business, or was forced to retrain, I was devastated...Yet, it was the best thing that ever happened to me? Was that period a time of Chaos...uncertainty coupled with anxiety or even fear?

Life At Work suggests that this Chaos is part of an Opus--a Musical composition of broadness. We go through these tough times, mount our troubles, and overcome these obstacles. In his best-selling semi-autobiography, Man's Search for Meaning, Dr Viktor Frankl chronicles his internment within a Nazi concentration camp during WWII. Torture, squalid living conditions, abject hunger, and the complete genocidal extermination of his entire family, led Frankl to his psycho therapeutic technique of Logo therapy. Simply, a therapy of meaning.

What we truly crave, within our lives is meaning. Unless we intimately connect to True Meaning--that is, Soul and Spirit, our ego attaches itself to a meaning of superficiality. The Unreal appearing Real...hallmarks and tokens of success. The dimensions of our work office/cubicle; the amenities of either the executive washroom and/or the Company vehicle assigned to us. How about this: my aspiration to elevate from my assigned first floor office to that of my Bosses' 7th floor office.

Symbolically, desiring more work prestige is an Ivory Tower fairy tale. Upon attaining this goal, we are left empty and incomplete. Moore allegorizes this portrayal beautifully by recalling the Fairy tale story of Rapunzel and The Prince. Moreover, climbing the ladder, achieving higher goals, setting our sights high, etc., etc...This mindset is the Ego's thirsty quest for the Ivory Tower.

Heading The Call via Loving Work

Ministers are Called to preach; they answer the call to be installed as a Pastor of a particular church. Mother Teresa was called to be a Nun; serving the poor unselfishly. Callings are often thought of as an ecclesiastical phenomenon. I beg the differ.

Whatever we are passionate about...vocationally-speaking, is a Calling. The Author writes of retired business owners that supplement their incomes via jobs as limousine drivers. During interviews, they speak of the enjoyment, relaxation, and people-connecting derived from driving clients to and fro various destinations.

On the other hand, Life At Work cites instances of Successful persons achieving financial and expert success within occupational fields. Fields that they Hate; entering into because of expectations from either their parents and/or their peer social circle. "It goes without sayings, there was no question in my household, that I would go to Med School." "From Day 1, I was groomed for the Family business.

Chances are, that following a path of working in a vocation that makes us feel spirited and alive, leads us to a higher plateau. That plateau may not translate into financial gain nor communal prominence. Maybe, that work makes us feel good about ourselves and our world. Knowing that, perhaps it's not far fetched to look upon this as a Calling. "Do something you love and you will never work a day in your life. -Confucius (

Without a doubt, we have moments and/or tasks on our jobs that we like and love. Yet, continuing to work within an occupation that doesn't provide deep (soulful) satisfaction as well as passionate (spirited) thoughtful meaning, is an absence of love. Continuing on, our Love for and of the work, dies...Like a wilted rose that's been cut-off from the vine without placement into a vase of water. We wither away and feed upon ourselves.

Discovering the Rainbow's Pot of Gold

Life At Work isn't a how-to bible...nor is it a recipe for a magic blue pill to make our work life fulfilling. Rather, the book provides insight. My personal thoughts, once upon a time, was that vacations were are waste of money and time resource. I now know, as probably most of you already realized, that vacations restore our soul and recharge our batteries (spirit).

Having pleasurable hobbies, such as gardening or painting landscapes, feed our psyche and is stress-releasing. Spending quality time with our or visiting the zoo, connects us to meaning, purpose, and balance.

What is the Essence of Life At Work? Simply Three Things:
  1.  Recognize the Importance and Contribution of Work;
  2.  Allow Chaos, and become aware of the Ivory Tower;
  3.  Find Our Calling and Discover Love through Meaning.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Life At Work, Part 6

Loving What You Do, the theme of Life At Work Chapter 10, is a recurring theme in all of our work lives. Let's test the water: "How many of you all LOVE your Work?" No, not the money, power, position, responsibilities, etc...The Work! Do you REALLY Love your work (job--career)?

The very same thoughts and feeling that you're having now, as I asked the question of you (do you...), are those of my own. Perhaps, that is why Life At Work  Chapter 10 resonates with me. Continue down this path with me to engage Thomas Moore's writings and reflections upon this theme.

By now, after almost six installments of analytic review of Life At Work, the reader can see Moore's writing penchant throughout. It's reflected in almost all of his 15 book publications. Life At Work is my first read of Moore's work; yet his book titles will support my contention. Moore writes about The Soul; this is his way, his Dharma, his Tao. The Soul is where Moore eventually gets us to within his many pages.

Whereas Moore explores the Greek/Latin types of love (Eros, Agape, Philia), I've decided to steer away from that topic. The exploration of that course is too far and wide. For the sake of simplicity, let's just say that Love..Is What It Is!

Regarding work: Who do you love...What do you love...How do you love? Love is an emotion (many will disagree; citing that love is first a thought)--a feeling. That feeling (of love that is) is usually a burning desire and/or a pleasurable sensation. Have any of you all ever received a work-related Raise and/or Promotion? How did it feel? Good-to-Great, Right?

That pleasurable feeling (love), felt upon the receipt of the monetary raise-promotion, was time-sensitive. Short-lived; soon it wore off and you were back to where you started or worse. The Old Grindstone, no doubt. Why, because what we were in love with, in the first place was recognition, financial gain, power...The Stuff!

Stuff--in and of itself is OK. But Stuff ain't gonna take you down the long-long-long Yellow Brick Road. And so, we enter again on Life's Work-Highway. Speeding up, only to slow down as we approach Exits. Looking for an exit; looking to get of this Work-Highway that is leading us down a path to ultimate success.

However, that proverbial success is the Work-Highway's success-destination (aka, destination to success). It belongs to the doesn't belong to us. Kinda like 'My Office' doesn't belong to me; it belongs to the Employer to whom I answer to. Are you starting to get this as I finally am?

Real Estate Mogul, Billionaire, and Television Star of The Apprentice is the media epitome of success. Without regard to the inner personal machinations of Mr. Trump, we can suggest that The Donald has led a financially successful life. Viewing his Hit television show, the boardroom scenes show a CEO that carefully analyzes, reviews data, sizes up the Apprentice wannabees, and summarily Fires one or two players. He is Good!

Behind all of this is the probability that Trump LOVES his work. It's been said that we must have a passion for our business...and that our business must be in our passion. I submit that Donald Trump's wealth is an outgrown of his Life At Work, Love for his business! When is the last time that You or I proclaimed, 'I Love What I Do?

What Do I Really Want?

After going back and forth, over the years, I've embarked upon a new career path. Waiting for, The Call, I've braced and prepared myself for the career change. I want it badly; yet the change will occur and when the Divine Creation deems it so. Until then, I wait, and I wait, and I...

A Life At Work,  is for You and I. My multi-part book report is for your benefit. Yet mainly, it is for mine own. My report is therapeutic and releasing. While I wait for, The Call, I'll share my secret career wish with you all via YouTube Video... 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Life At Work Pt 5

"You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself." -Alan Alda

Life in the Ivory Tower
"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down You Hair," goes the Prince from the fairy-tailed fable. Life At Work speaks to our lives--In The Tower. I never, until now (after reading Thomas Moore's book), put 2 + 2 together about working in the tower.

My office, is on the 1st floor of a two-story building. My Boss' office is on the 7th floor of a 10-story building. My ambition was to have a position, within the corporation, that was on the same level as is his. The money, the title, and the office. Seventh Floor!

Life At Work (page 80) points out that mythology, religious teaching stories, and fairy tales reveal patterns that challenge us as human beings. Moore submits that for some, the alchemy of life work discovery doesn't necessarily begin in begins in success. Or rather, the 'Illusion of Success!'

Happiness, Towers, Cubicles and Pursuing Happiness

Surely, we can't simply Walkaway from our jobs. Yet, what we all want...deep down, is to be happy. Our training suggests that we can have money from our work--even moments of bliss; however, one cannot
have both money and happiness at work.

The Big Idea is not to become happy nor wealthy from our work/career/jobs. The central theme or key to a successful Life At Work is simply to discover the connection between US and our Work. I'm an Educator, but I work professionally as an Insurance Agent. Connected...? maybe so. Six degrees of Separation? Possibly! It's all of how I am, in the moments, at work. The connection between the Soul and Spirit of my Insurance career and the Soul and Spirit of my very being.

The main point here is not to become stuck inside the Tower (cubicle) walls. To know that we know that we know that where we are is actually where we are. Confused? Of course you are. The confusion comes with the not knowing...or more precisely, the unknown. What we don't know.

The feelings that we have at work, it the general barometer that we use to gauge our work happiness and fulfilment. Of course, feelings and moods are important to the human psyche (spirit) and soul--but not so much. I believe that the real keys to the vault lies within the meaning that we attach to our work.

Feelings and First Aid

Life At Work devotes short yet meaningful context toward the Worker's feelings and coping. Emotions is a more accurate synonym for describing the feelings we experience during our Life At Work. Moreover, it is the emotions of pent-up anger, hostility, and dissatisfaction, frequently experience at work, that we combat on a daily basis.

These negative emotions, as outlined in Life At Work (page 88), stem from our work life situations. Issues of injustice, culture, loss of power, and others can contribute to Life At Work implosive anger. "Venting feels good at the moment, but it usually accomplishes nothing and may be destructive. By venting anger, you can lose a job and harm important relationships (page 88)."

The Fix, the First Aid, or the Cope arrives by nurturing our Soul in the course of our Life At Work. Vacations are as much an integral component to career success as is Microsoft Excel proficiency. Self-recognition strategies to sense the inner stressor characteristics prior to manifestation. This strategy includes the avoidance of alcohol overindulgence along with proper diet and exercise.

Without sermonizing on the benefits of Clean living, I believe that Life At Work summarizes the remedy to ill-health (resulting from our work) to be this...Depth of Character. Deepening of our family relationships, cultivation of meaningful hobbies and community involvement, and connecting to spirituality (religion, art, music, etc.)

The next writing will be upon Life At Work's Care of the Soul At Work. Stay Tuned!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life At Work Pt 4

"Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy."  -Kahlil Gibran

Of the 12 chapters of Life At Work, my favorite is that of Chapter Three--Soul and Spirit. For the life of me, now having digested all of Life At Work book, it is perplexing as to how Moore was able to accentuate his treatise for both Soul and SPIRIT within 19 pages. The subjects are Huge! Volumes upon volumes have been written on the singleness of each...let alone both.

The 19 page context goes to the heart of Moore's genius. The simplicity within this duplicity. Perhaps the hidden passion I've adopted for this work...The Genius Within.

Again, Moore begins with a story (or a fable; difficult to ascertain). --Moore admittedly utilizes Story-telling as a writing formulae-- His story of the 15th century priest, Marsilo Ficino, is the archetype for this 'soulful' chapter. As a youngster, Ficino's Parents indentured the boy into a life of Arts & Letters servitude to a wealthy aristocrat. Although somewhat dubious, this financial alliance was not unholy.

Ficino mastered Latin and Greek; Moore's literary connection to Ficino is within the position of a person being grafted to one's soul. "To be grafted to Soul means to be open to the life that pools deep inside you, allowing it to coalesce into a career or other kind of work (page 28)."


Life At Work, page 29, submits that our Soul is what makes us unique persons. Moreover, we become truly alive when connected to cherished friendships, family gatherings, and other forms of close deep relational human interaction. Our Soul, as defined by Heracleitus, is Deep...depth...without bottomless limit. 

Moore makes a point that human souls require breathe as does our body itself require air/oxygen to fully function. Relational to work and career, when we are ill-fitted for a particular vocation or location, our souls are left breathless. Unable to breathe, The Soul begins to die. The same is true whether or not we are in a giving and mutually-beneficial relationship.

Our souls are alive when we can make human connections, feel in touch with others around us, and become connected with a purpose higher than that of ourselves. What I love the most about this chapter is that the Soul is presented as a Being rather than a separate and abstract part of our existence.

Moore writes that "it is necessary to love what we're doing and what we're making." He goes on to emphatically state that, "People who are frustrated with their work often say they simply don't love what they're doing and therefore feel unmotivated to get to work. Love is the impetus that propels us toward our life work."

The Spirit

"The spirit is quite different from the soul, and it, too, should be in harmony with your life work. Spirit is the upper region of experience and includes your worldview, ethical sensitivities, ideas about life and death, religious beliefs and understandings, and intellectual development." (pgs 36 & 37). Moore is careful to interject that Spirit isn't necessarily spirituality or religious. Simply, Soul is lower or deep; Spirit is the higher or the Head. One isn't better than the other...the two work in harmonious tandem.

The danger with the Spirit is that it can be crushed or wounded. Note a child that has been told to go to their room or to stop making noises. Their spirit is crushed. Too often, as Moore points out, we allow money to become and assume our spirit. The result--a mixed alchemy of negative emotions and physical ills and manifestations.

Life At Work really expands upon this topic...perhaps better than any other secular available book or publication. In the final words of the chapter, the book concludes with the premise that Soul and Spirit work like lovers; a two-dimensional completeness that allows our work life to be a contributor to ourselves as whole human beings. Complete persons in the family, community, and the world at large.

"Spirit moves us into the future, while the soul keeps us tied to the past." Embracing these two factors, we are no longer satisfied with the pursuit of a job; rather, we crave fulfilling work activity that makes our lives complete. Makes sense?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life At Work Pt 3, The Calling

The Calling is Life At Work's focus for Chapter Two. An Internal Indication... a Blissful Sign. These are some of the many terms that Moore uses to describe this esoteric phenomenon. Rather, Chapter Two begins with a story.
Mahud was a simple man who lived in a small village and made his living selling vegetables at a busy market. He was comfortable enough and liked his work. But one day, the Angel-Khabir appeared to him and told him to jump in the river. Without thinking about it, Mahud leaped into the flowing water.
The story progresses along wherein every so often, Khabir makes an appearance to Mahud--telling him to do something. Usually radical; quit this job, go down or up to this or that village, and wait to see what happens. Of course, being a symbolic story of the highest order, Mahud FALLS into a foreign and new vocation. Then another, and get the idea.
In his Late years, Mahud gained a reputation as a Holy Man. Folks came to him from far and wide...seeking answers to their problems, illnesses, and issues. Mahud was humble; he knew as well as communicated that his abilities were only able to manifest due to his unfailing allegiance to following the Angel Khabir. In a single word, Mahud was Obedient. He listened to The Call; he listened via his Open Heart!
I've often found it fascinating how persons enter into various occupations, vocations, and work paths to success (or failure). At first, I believed that we simply FALL into something; then, developing it from there. Now, I'm not so sure.
What I mean it that perhaps through this mystery and wonder, there is an Unseen force. Not suggesting that this is the Hand of God, an Oracle, Angelic Superbeings, or any such conjecture. Simply, could our very vocational path be a part of a Greater Design as is the Galactic Creation of the Universe itself. How's to say that each individual human being isn't of spectacular ordination as is, say War and Peace?
Returning again to Life At Work, Chapter Two...The Calling is an Individualistic urging. "To Each His Own," [Cicero, Roman author, orator, and politician (106 BC -43 BC); source]. Do you, as do I, Ignore The Calling...The Voice? We aren't obedient nor loyal to, The Call. Why Me? we ask when faced with a work life change (voluntary or involuntary).
Moore suggests that we become simpleminded as was Mahud. Follow the Angel's directives. Without hesitation, without resistance, and without mistrust. We go to a new place; the unknown. "But once there, you know it is what you have been looking for all the while." -Moore, Life At Work, pg 26.
**To discover and learn more about Author, Thomas Moore, visit his Barque Blog on Blogger.**

Monday, November 1, 2010

Life At Work, Part 2

Chaos and Alchemy. Two STRANGE words indeed. Sure, you've all heard of chaos before. Chaos is when you have a HOT date and your hair doesn't fall just right and/or you notice a ZIT on your face (it wasn't there before). But what about Alchemy.
Alchemy is one of the central themes throughout Thomas Moore's Life At Work. He intertwines the alchemistry of work life throughout his 188 page book. Before moving forward to delve into Moore's Alchemy, let's shoot for an understandable definition.
Alchemy: - is both a philosophy and an ancient practice focused on the attempt to change base metals into gold, investigating the preparation of the "elixir of longevity", and achieving ultimate wisdom, involving the improvement of the alchemist as well as the making of several substances described as possessing unusual properties. Alchemy is the science of understanding, deconstructing, and reconstructing matter, although it is often seen only as the pursuit of turning common metals into gold. A scientific theory says that if Alchemy is stopped in the process of deconstruction, the object will be destroyed. (source:
Ok, now that we've gotten that straightened out, let's move on. "But wait, I hear you screaming..." while scratching your head. No worries; later for this rocket-science-out-of-this-world-magic-trick-stuff. All that you and I need to know is that alchemy is a mixing and separating of things and thoughts in order to create something uniquely new.
Back to Life At Work. Moore uses alchemy as both a resource and definition as well as a literary prose (writing) style. Life ain't Easy and neither is Work (hmm, that could be a great book title for either Mr Moore and/or this Writer).
The approach that Moore takes to dissect the dissonance between the two, is to inject as well as project Alchemy into the mixture or equation. Because, neither work nor life is a simple packaged one-size-fits-all. Further, by combining both Life and Work into a single concoction...well, let's just say that there ain't any magic blue pill or silver bullet to make it all good.
Chaos is a whole 'nother slice of cake within itself. Chaos is non-order; misalignment and non-organization. Yet is possesses the seeds of order...the seeds of greatness lies within this Chaos of things. Dr Wayne Dyer refers to this phenomena as Dharma and/or The Tao Te Ching. Chaos appears on the surface as misfortune or Bad Luck. It is undeniably uncomfortable and downright painful.
Moore suggests in Life At Work that only IF we could see beyond this chaos. He describes it (Preface) as an Opus of the Soul. Opus means A Work--used interchangeably as a lengthy musical piece or composition. Moreover, Alchemy and Chaos are both temporal (temporary) is human existence itself.
Whether we are comfortable or Fitted to the work we're into, the alchemy and chaos will certainly unfold. Just as the 4 seasons come upon us; just as the clothing fashions of the times change--so goes our life at work. The pattern is individualistic; no two alike chaos for any two like human beings. "Like Sand in an Hourglass, so Goes the Days of our lives (Ed Prentiss-Days-Soap Opera; source:
Without going off the deep end, into a tangential abyss, think of alchemy and chaos (related to life at work) as the symbolism as represented by the caterpillar and butterfly. The lowly caterpillar longs to fly, but it cannot. It sings, I Believe I can Fly! So what happens next? The caterpillar spins and weaves its cocoon. Before long, through struggle, chaos, and yes...alchemy.
A Beautiful Butterfly is Manifested! Next installment in this series, we'll discuss Thomas Moore's 'Calling.'

Friday, October 29, 2010

Life At Work

While shopping with The Misses last Saturday, I found myself bored inside of an outlet clothing and merchandise store. Rummaging Around, I spotted a small book section. During previous shopping excursions, I had found little nuggets of literature gold...yet, nothing like this.

Thomas Moore, unbeknownst to me, was a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author. One of his works, Care of the Soul, elevated him into National Prominence. That day, in the store, Way Behind several not-so-famous cookbooks, was the GEM that I’m about to tell you about. A Life at Work.

For the last several years, I had embarked upon a personal quest to discover meaning in both my personal as well as professional life. It is said, When the Student is ready, The Teacher will appear! I can attest to that axiom. Thomas Moore’s, A Life at Work, was written especially for me.

Moore chronicles his own struggles with the World of Work and Career. Ultimate disappointments, vocational path changes, self-doubt, and experiencing a Chaos following events completely beyond his grasp and control. Seminarian, Wannabe-priest, University Professor, Psychotherapist, Husband/Father (twice), and finally Published Best-Selling Author. I felt and connected with Moore’s Sturm und Drang.

A Life at Work, the book, is an awakening. A Discovery! In fact, the book cover jacket’s subtitle is, The Joy of Discovering What You were Born to Do.

Leaning toward the spiritual and esoteric, it is no surprise that Moore’s background as a Seminarian lends influential significance to his writings. Historically, work and careers wasn’t something that one could cook up with regard to personal aspirations, dreams, goals, and passions. Whether the Parent(s) had worked within a trade-vocation, a family business, or societal economics, a worker was almost pre-destined to follow a vocational path.

Moore entreats the reader (finger pointing to me), to engage in introspection via spiritual insight as well as in-depth grounded research. This in-depth, grounding is that of Finding One’s Roots. Getting in Touch with the Soul. Then, and only then, can one hear the Calling--Voice--Urgings to go along a particular path.

So engaged, was I, in A Life at Work, that I’ve decided to prepare and publish an unauthorized book report. Whether this report will be a multi-part sectional research project or simply an essay...perhaps even a chronicle. I’m not entirely sure?

Yet again, A Life at Work has spoken to me in a most sensual manner. I hear the call to fully explore its meaning; the need to share my thoughts is too great. Can a Candle hide its flame in the dark? The light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not Source: QuotationsBook dotcom.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Starting Over Again

The last couple of weeks have been really busy. I flew out to the US East Coast; rented a Chevy HHR (ugly but rides nice) and drove from Virginia to New Jersey. Went on a Job Interview. What else? Oh yeah, visited my Son and his Girlfriends small kids (adorable).

Now, it's back to the Grind! The Ball and Chain. The Hum-Drum, Ho-Hum, Bum-Bum. Bummer…wait, not so fast.

I'm recharged—that is, I have an excess of fresh ideas, energy, and spirit. Rather than being Bummed, I'm ENERGIZED. Think of the Eveready Bunny…going and going and…

Through my recent travels, I've come to have a new relationship with patience and the practice thereof. You're correct; the title of this article is Starting Over Again—not about patience. But Ahh, the terms are synonymous…one and the same. Stay with me--

Infinite Patience Produces Immediate Results

In my quest for making a career change as well as generating a greater income, I became lost in the accomplishment and arrival of coming to the END. Rather, I totally neglected the amazing experience of the journey. Why don’t I have the New Job?

How come my income is stagnant or a taking dollar dipping (not to be confused with dollar cost averaging—a whole ‘nother animal).

One could say that my words are contrived…an ill attempt to explain away failure or lack of success. Ok…maybe just a little. The Holy Bible speaks of Patience as: Let Patience have her Perfect Work. Another verse in {book of} Galatians say to: Not be Weary of Good Works…for in due time, You will Reap your Reward.

Back to One

I hope you're beginning to see or hear the connection here. Through our perfecting of patience, we learn to wait for it…wait for it…wait for. We've developed not only a Thick Skin toward pain/disappointment/etc. But also, we've lessened our emotional attachment to the outcome. The wonderfulness of it all, is that we then are open. And in a greater position in which to receive a gift or reward, or surprise.

Now the key question that you all are asking is this; How Long must we wait, Andre. Here's the answer: For as Long as It Takes! Winston Churchill once said that We Should Never Quit!

Join with me; let's Start Over; Developing Patience, Long-Suffering, Endurance, and Fortitude.

Back to One…Starting Over Again.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Connecting to Source

I've been on a Karmic Journey--a passageway. Crazy as it may seem; an Age of Aquarius has been my existence for the last few months. Career Change, self-doubting, periods of impatience, and an overall uneasiness would describe my life to a tee.

Due to unforeseen family circumstances, I found myself trying to find my way back home. Clearing the path was this strong-strong nudging to forget the Cost$$ and just head east.

Returning back, I was able to revisit priceless visual treasures that I had long forgotten. The above photo captures the sights and scents of the Chesapeake Bay in the State of Virginia.

The visual treasures were the only priceless moment(s) I enjoyed. There was my visit to my 97 year old Aunt Mable. I was gushing with love after enjoying some of Aunt Mable's Tomato Puddin.

Reconnecting to Source...home, I learned many things. I learned how to expect nothing but to receive everything. I learned that it's OK for me to simply, "Not Know." Lastly, I found love again--in the simplest of places. The Chesapeake Bay's Atlantic Ocean breeze. PRICELESS!

I've Connected to Source; what about you?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pass the Salt

My Aunt Clara has died at the age of 97. Long life...3 kids, husband died in her 30s; friends long gone. Kinda sad--I miss her and plan to attend the funeral.

Ok, now the scene is set. Truth is, Aunt Clara was a WHINNER! Nothing was ever right. Much of the family avoided converations with her because she was a downer. Yet, I loved her.

To describe her Being, one would say that she was Salty! Of course, she did not use 'salty language.' A Lady, indeed, no less.

Being Salty is to say that she wasn't sweet. Nope...not a Sweet Old lady. No way--Jose.

Her way was one of extreme pragmaticism. 'What Ya See, is What ya Get!' 24/7...

Reflecting back, her Way was akin to Salt Water. Salt Water taffy--kinda. Or how about Salt's another, 'Salt of the Earth!' Like that--we'll go with that.

Aunt Clara was salty. But salt is a good thing. In ancient times, salt was the main food preservative. Biblically, Jesus remarked that salt should be spewed-out once its lost the saltiness. What is a saltine cracker without salt?

All-in-all, it was Aunt Clara's 'SALTINESS' that I miss most. No fakery nor pretentiousness. Ranchers place blocks of salt in the pasture for their livestock. Failure to Salt the herd results in sickly animals.

Humans need salt in their lives as well. Besides chemical salts, we hunger for psychological, emotional, and spiritual salts. Aunt Clara was my salt. I've got enough sugar all around me...yet, what I really need is a double dose of an Aunt Clara Salt.

R.I.P., Aunt Clara. Love Always ~AVM.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Remain Standing

My Best Friend’s 40 year old daughter died of cancer…after a 3 week old diagnosis. Needless to say, ‘She went fast!’ What an Understatement.

Of course, I attended her funeral. The Church, Holy Family Catholic Church, was near capacity with mourners. SRO…a tribute to the esteem that the community held for my friend’s family. Reflecting on the event, this article is entitled, Remain Standing.

I was very impressed as to how well my friend held up under the weight of his oldest daughter’s demise. That evening, I attended my weekly Toastmaster speakers club meeting. Arriving early, I chatted for awhile with Real Estate Broker and Competent Communicator, Jose Segarra (JS). Jose is the Owner/Operator of Exit Realty of Killeen Texas.

Relating the day’s events to JS, I spoke of my friend’s eloquence, brevity, composure, and warmth as he addressed the mourners in attendance at Holy Family. I even said to JS, “Man—I don’t think that I personally could have held it together as well as did Ted.” He replied, “Ya Gotta, REMAIN STANDING!”

Ok…a baffled look came upon my face after JS’ response. Without missing a beat, he went on to describe the meaningful message behind the context. As the story went, there was once a man who had experienced a tragic loss of family—a death, no doubt.

The family was devastated, distraught, and depressed. Many questioned with the oh so familiar, WHY GOD…Why? The Father of the family aged 40 or so, grappled with the emotions of the moment. How could he go on…how could he comfort as well as console the others? The Patriarch, the Father’s Father, urged his son to listen to his counsel. He encouraged his son to (you guessed it) Remain Standing.

Remain Standing is girding up oneself for the difficult tasks either at hand or yet to come. Remain Standing is performing one’s duty—a badge of service. The Senior said to the Junior: “The family needs your strength, your compassion, and your encouragement… Remain Standing.”

My personal take on all of this is/was that instead of falling or folding or buckling under pressure, I need to Remain Standing. In the face of a Life Difficulty, I need to Remain Standing. When confronted by danger or uncertainty, I need to Remain Standing. Moreover, as did my friend, I need to Remain Standing although I may not feel capable of doing so.

As applicable to our careers, jobs, finances, relationships, health challenges, and ultimately, premature deaths of family, friends, loved ones, and possibly that of our own, the real challenge is this: How do we possibly garner the fortitude to Remain Standing?

No clear answer is available from this author, yet there is a great book that may be of comforting service in this regard. Located within the Holy Bible, King James Version, of the New Testament, is the Book of Mark. Turning to Chapter 10 and then scanning down to verse 19, we find this piece of scriptural context (paraphrased). “With God, All Things Are Possible!” Remain Standing…

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What Dreams Did You Want to Achieve

When we were little kids, we all had a dream(s). "When I grow up, I’m gonna be a Star-Basketball player in the N.B.A.!"…I stated more than once to both family and friends. How about you? What did you tell people you wanted to be when…?

Fast forward to the present. Did you make it come true? Your Dreams--My Dreams…how did it all turn out for each of us. Ok, I’ll go first. I did become a N.B.A. Star. Huh, what, you’ve never heard of Kobe Bryant. My name is Kobe B…Yeah right—and one of you all out there is Donald Trump. True, I AM Kobe; In My Dreams.

Dreams have its place. But somehow, as we age, we stop dreaming. It’s not that we lose the power or the ability to dream…it’s that we began to stop believing in the magic of dreams in and of itself. What’s the risk? I’ll tell ya. I’m afraid that someone--somewhere--will call me (50 year old Blogger) a DREAMER! Blasphemy! Egads; someone has called you or I, A Dreamer! The Dreaded ‘D’ word.

Let’s peel back the banana, shall we. Have you all heard of the Inner Child? Truth--there is an inner child within all of us. Yet as adults, we often lock the "Child" in the closet, basement, or wine cellar. The child is bound, gagged, and barely kept alive via bread and water subsistence.

However, The Child won’t die--can’t die! In the metaphysical or spiritual sense, as well as in the physical--flesh and blood reality, children are very resilient. Fall down, trip over, scrape a knee, or perhaps breaking an arm. The [Inner] Child is strong, tough, and has a bounce-back.

The late President John F. Kennedy said this about the U.S. space exploration program. "Some [wo] men dream dreams and Ask Why? While others dream dreams and ask, Why Not?" Conclusion: Dreams are visionary…similar to an artist painting a work of art unto a blank canvas. The shape of things to come.

Our work is to feed the belief and the hope. Translation: The Dream! Famous philosophers, politicians, civic leaders, and military generals have all spoken and acted upon the faith and confidence of their Big Dream. Dr. Martin Luther King said, “I Dream of a day when little black boys and girls will play together with little white boys and girls.”

Dare to dream—again. Sure, someone will call you or me a Dreamer. Our reply to them is this, "Thanks, I needed that!" Happy Dreaming, Dreamers…

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Call'in Out Sick!

Sorry! No e-zine mailout for almost 3 weeks. No, wasn't on vacation...I was SICK!

Not sure if I ate some bad salsa; or maybe the salsa cook came to work sick and the germs hibernated in the salsa mix. Nevertheless, The Boy (that would be me) was out for the count.

I'm talking chills, sweats, fever, sleep, and general tiredness. Forget about making money...I'll take HEALTH any day.

Today was the first day that I've felt whole since the first of September (2010). I even wrote a content web page today, as well as a BLOGGER blog post which was about my relationship with Infolinks (that's another story altogether).

Although I was gravely ill, I continued to report daily to my Paying Job. This gave me an idea to write about, "Calling Out Sick!" I have 250 sick hours, but never call out. What about you?

How many of you all out there, that still having a job, call out or dare to use your sick time? Perhaps, and you may disagree, that it is the work ITSELF that makes us sick. Moreover, are there folks that call out yet aren't really sick.

I have a cousin that is sick--C.O.P.D. (breathing issue). She's sick...can't work. But she's in a Catch-22; Why? She doesn't Dare Not report to work. No Sick time, no nothing.

Here's my conclusion. Not sick? Fabulous! Continue to take care of oneself and be grateful to the Divine Universe.

Others...well, I don't have any advice for you. I wish I did. But after being sick for a relatively short period of time. I am So GRATEFUL for being healthy.

Namaste; Peace to You and Yours...

Infolinks "Related Tags" helped me to Dream Like a Billionaire!

Infolinks is a Dream-Maker for Web Publishers! Why, because publishers can now give our visitors great contextual information via in-text ad linking. Have I lost you? Ok, let me put it this way...Infolinks' wizardry helped me to dream like a Billionaire.

Infolinks is the Web Publishing Industry's best revenue share program. They help 1000's of publishers to turn their web-content into money. Their Related Tags widget, upon implementation, increased my week-2-date revenue by Two-Hundred-Twenty-Three PERCENT! No foolin...

But back to my Billionaire-like Dream. Infolinks is all about info-mation, right? Of course, so I drifted off and began to dream about information, information, information. What if I could (I'm in my dream-state now as I speak) gather up all of the information that is contained within all of the volumes and volumes and volumes of books ever published.

My eyes are bloodshot; my feet are blistered from walking from library to library to library in search of information.

My door bells rings; I get up to answer. There's a company representative at my door from Infolinks, Inc. The company heard about my blood thirty quest for billionaire-like knowledge attainment--they must have heard about me in a similar dream as well. The Gentleman said, I'm here to help you to realize your dream (no pun intended). I asked, HOW?

He asked if I had a computer. Do I have a computer? Well, I'm a Web publisher...aren't I? Of course, I do.

Together, we visited a well-known and prominent yet nameless website. The site had Great Content! Moreover, there were relevant contextual keyworded (hyperlink) Infolinks Related Tags. Sure enough, there were two hyperlink tags that caught my eye. One was of course, BILLIONAIRE; the other, was knowledge. My right hand guided the computer mouse over the Related tag keyword link displaying the word, KNOWLEDGE.

Much, much, much to my surprise, an advertisement popped up within a new window. What did it say? It displayed the words and images of the Amazon Kindle with built-in WiFi. Scratching my head, I began to put two and two together.

Infolinks was suggesting, via the site's Related Tags, that I consider investigating and researching the possibility of acquiring a Kindle for my Knowledge quest. After all, The Lone Ranger had Tanto; Green Hornet had Kato. And Little Timmy had Lassie. It made perfect sense that I should have a Kindle.

Next thing I remember, my wife was kicking me. Seems as though I was screaming KINDLE...INFOLINKS...RELATED-TAGS at the top of my lungs during the night while in bed. The screams prevented her from getting a good night's sleep.

As great as Infolinks' Related Tags technology is, coupled with their Easy (Javascript) implementation, she wasn't feel'in it. She gave me two choices: Either I shut up about Infolinks, or find another bed to sleep in.

I say, Who cares...I've got Infolinks' Related Tags technology and a Brand New (Amazon) Kindle. Life doesn't get any better than that!

Monday, August 30, 2010

How to Remain Positive

Everywhere we turn, bad news awaits. Pick up a newspaper...BAM, Unemployment claims are up XYZ percent. The Government should do this; they should do that. No one is hiring...the list goes on and on. Bad News travels fast.

But for now, let’s put on our rosy-colored sunglasses. Pop the top on a cold bottle of ginger-peach tea. Let’s get into the zone; what zone (I hear you asking)? Why of course, The Positive Expectation Zone (what other zones are there)...

To prepare us for our trek, we take three deep breaths. Ready, One. Ready two...three. Ok, now yoga stretching. Bend left; bend right--bend for toe touch. Close your eyes and imagine that your pockets are filled with South African gold kruegarands. I don't know about you all, but I'm really feeling the energy.

Lastly, repeat this mantra or affirmation: 'Everything from Above REALLY Loves Me...this Advantage REALLY helps me to succeed.' Now, time for some down and dirty, nitty-gritty, truth-talking for real self-analysis.

You've been really tough on yourself lately...haven't you. It’s hard to keep your head up. Even your own close loved ones (husband, wife, close friends) have begun to question your abilities to succeed. Where are you now? You're at the crossroads...the fork in the road. Author, M. Scott Peck, writes about this place in his bestselling book, The Road Less Traveled.

That road is the High Road. The hard one...full of danger, bombs and booby traps. That road is the one where we make a decision to walk away from a Great Paying job to pursue our dream of owning a business, or a life changing career such as the ministry or teaching.

What about those of you that have been unemployed for awhile. Money tight or exhausted? House foreclosed? Depressed? Right on; you're living La Vida Loca. You're experiencing life--without the glitz and glamour. Now hear this!

You have a bigger purpose than right now; this time and space continuum. Your bigger purpose is to simply survive and get through it. Or, as in my case, it is to stick my neck out and accept the success or failure that comes with my career-changing decision. I don't know what your cross-to-bear is; or what your we-shall-overcome-someday battle is. But hear this, you have a choice...

You can choose to become negative, bitter, angry, upset, depressed, and regretful. OR, you can make an alternative choice. Choose to Be Positive! How do you remain positive? Simple...You Make a Choice to be Positive. Keep your head to the sky, my friends. Love be to you all.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Squirrel named Turtle

I have a squirrel problem in my backyard. You see, the squirrel is building a nest for her babies. Little squirrelettes...helping herself to the fiberfill padding within the pillow-padding of my patio furniture cushions. Wreaking havoc upon my furniture, pocketbook, and marital relationship. Something HAS to be done. Either the squirrel goes or Go I! The squirrel's name is TURTLE...

Now why in the world would a college-educated, red-blooded American Texan refer to a Squirrel as a Turtle? Much less, to actually name the squirrel, TURTLE. I didn't -- my European wife refers to the squirrel as a 'Turtle.' Hence, a squirrel named TURTLE!

Squirrels are beautiful, harmless, furry little creatures that eat nuts/acorns/berries. Yes? Until they eat up my patio furniture. Yet, I digress. This ezine is about life, career, and work-related stuff. However, I couldn't resist tying in the squirrel story. Because...
How many times have we salivated over a new job, only to learn, that this job -- like any other job -- is simply a pig with lipstick. An ugly duckling fixed up and called a swan. So it is with our desires. Many times, we're in love with the imaginary.

Freud would call this an illusion of grandeur -- Psychologist call this being ego-centric. It's really an exercise in chasing monkeys.
The squirrel is a one viewpoint. Another viewpoint is that the squirrel is a beautiful furry creature that...fill in the blank with your own opinion.

Point is: life, love, prosperity, a new career or job, becomes whatever we want it to be. Guy Finley commented that there are no boring jobs; only boring people. Earl Nightingale said that we become what we think about.

As for me, I see the squirrel as a squirrel. Yet when speaking with my spouse, I see things as she sees things. The Squirrel is a Turtle!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

We Must Ask for Gratitude

This week's posting features a guest writer. Actually, it is a person that I respect highly. It's Paul Moore, Rector of St. Christopher's Church of Killeen, Texas (USA). He is also a Blogger; follow his Thoughts about Life on Blogger.

Father Paul, as he is affectionately known, preached a sermon with regard to gratitude and being thankful in July 2010. The sermon really resonated with me...I believe that you all will be touched as am I.

Gratitude Comes from Asking

by Rev Paul Moore

(Killeen, TX, USA)

Rev Paul Moore

Rev Paul Moore

Nothing feels as good to us and/or to others as gratitude. Yet the feelings of gratitude are merely a taste, the evidence, and not the substance. Gratitude can be lived as well as felt, and living gratitude tends, over the long haul, to give us the feelings of gratitude.

It may seem a reversal, but we live gratitude by asking. Within the lessons of the Gospel, Jesus begins by teaching the disciples to pray. It is swift and to the point: Praise, Petition, Penitence, and Praise. And then he teaches them about petitionary prayer. He teaches that God is a loving Father.

Ask and you shall receive; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Who better than our earthly fathers and neighbors, knows how to give good gifts than our heavenly Father?

Notice how the seeds of gratitude are already planted in our souls even as we contemplate this? Why? Because we know instinctively that when God invites us to ask, it is not a license for selfishness. It's much--much more than that. It goes to the very heart of our relationship with God.

By asking and receiving, we are in relationship with God. The spirituality of MILAGROS and PROMESAS along the border of Mexico is an excellent example of this. The Faithful, promise God, something in exchange for a miracle. When they receive what they have asked for, or even in pledge beforehand, they will fulfill their promise.

It may be to stop drinking or smoking, it may be to treat someone in the household more graciously. It may even be to make a pilgrimage to a shrine...or to give a certain amount of money to a church or charity. But this is not an economic transaction that balances the books. It is a way of dialog; of staying in touch or of maintaining a relationship.

Ask, and then, Receive! Know that God is near you and I--and we are near Him. With that, all that is left is to Be Thankful.

Minnie Riperton - Memory Lane

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Encouraging-People: Handling Rejection

Encouraging-People: Handling Rejection

Handling Rejection

This past week was a tough one. I got REJECTED! Prepared and prepared...was confident and ready. Yet although I was a 'shoe-in' for the job, I received the proverbial reject letter in the mail. Talking about a Punch-in-da-Gut!

Inevitably, at one time or another, many of us will experience some form of rejection. Mine was that of a job...yours? Maybe it was rejection by an object of affection (boy/girl), a client or customer chose another product or service. Or how about being rejected by a college or university?

I wish I had some magic-bullet advice for handly rejection--alas, I don't. No one likes being rejected. Especially ME! But I will say this, rejection only defeats us if we choose to be defeated.

Another way of looking at this is that rejection is a natural part of growth. What do we remember most about ourselves? Is it the Good-to-Great experiences or the truly awful-sucks-why-me? experiences? The latter, I presume. Rejection can be a blessing.

As for me, I'm stepping up my game. An additional certification, a new suit, and more video interview prep. Next time I interview, the job will be mine. How about will you handle rejection and turn a negative into a positive?

Saturday, July 31, 2010

1st Cavalry Division Showband

Sunday, July 25, 2010

50 Years Young Ex-Banker Wants to become a Teacher

My Story is about discovering what's Really Important. Many of us believe it's about chasing money and things--truth is, money's purpose is simply to help us to accomplish our God-given mission and purposes. At age 50, I've cracked the code...that is, knowing The Why of that purpose. Here it is--to Teach and Lead Young People. I want to become a Public School Special Education Teacher!

Having both the alignment as well as purposeful desire is one thing--yet walking it is another. Serious study, certification, and formal instruction are only the prerequisites for become a Teacher. No matter how I've sliced this (Life) loaf of bread, the Dream requires MONEY!

Many of us have No Funds to pursue our dreams and goals...Others, have it but are unable to let go of our monthly monetary commitments. The latter is my case. For you see, in order to become a Teacher, I must give up my way of life (lifestyle) and pursue the teaching professional with a fully focused vengeance. Translation: Give up a full-time (present) career, salary, benefits, and savings to manifest this Life-changing teacher career calling.

With great humility, I have to reach out and unearth financial resources to replace my income but to also pay for the enormous expenses associated with becoming a teacher. Of course, others may deserve the CASH more so than do I...Nevertheless, I ask here and now to be strongly considered as a candidate to receive any or all portions of this contest's prize money. I Will become a Teacher--the question is, will AMERICA-DESERVES-A-RAISE dotcom be a financial contributor to my Career-changing goal realization.

Read and rate the full essay entry at America-Deserves-a-Raise

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Change is Hard Work

Change is Hard Work! No secret here—is it? Common knowledge…perhaps that probably why most of us stick to the ole status quo. Good is Good Enough.

We all want more, yet to get the tangible rewards of the want, the want requires change. Small Want—Small Change. BIG Want—Big…well, you get the idea. And here, Ladies and Gents, is where the train jumps off the track. The Want just ain’t worth the effort. CHANGE effort, that is.

Corporate America promotes: Change is Good! Many of us have experienced this faux change-is-good alternate reality. Double-talk for something is about happen to one of us. Perhaps a layoff or two, team-project redistribution, or an outright, we don’t need you anymore.

Change can become a two-headed monster. Stressing us to grow and expand while simultaneously putting pressure towards the negative. Damage to the senses, body functioning, and mental distress. Change is constant…in the plant world, animal kingdom, and human societies.

Change is evitable. Yes, it is evitable that something or someone will come along and shake things up. Rock our world and flip us upside down unto our heads. The reality is that we secretly hate change. I want things to stay the same. It often said that, the only constant thing about change is change itself.

My theory is that change reflects our feeling of loss of control. And control equates to power. Hence, when we are challenged or threatened by change, we feel a loss of power—we feel powerless. But what can we do about it?

Nothing! We do nothing. No strategy, No fixit, no dodging the bullet. Simply nothing… Best-selling author, personal development guru, and spiritual seeker Guy Finley teaches: Resistance to the resistance IS the Resistance.

To test this insight, simply watch a flowing brook of water for a few minutes as it travels along. The water, as it flows downstream, bumps against a rock. What happens next? You guessed it goes over/under/around but never does the water go through the rock.

Coming back full circle, we have begun to realize that to change jobs, relationships, finances, personal fitness, educational achievement, or even our own self-confidence and esteem involves change. Realizing this, we sheepishly admit this—Change is Hard Work!